YRCA — Compact Rail Corrugation Analyser

What is YRCA?

RailMeasurement’s YRCA measures irregularities, in particular rail corrugation, from a vehicle or small track-mounted trolley, such as RM’s own RM-T. A short video clip, showing measurements being taken with the YRCA and the RM-T, is available here.

Validation of the YRCA has been undertaken by comparing measurements made with this equipment with the corresponding measurements made with a bi-CAT. The main differences in measurements arise from the slightly different positions across the rails at which measurements are made: the YRCA (as with the RCA) uses an instrumented wheel to measure irregularities, so the location of the measuring line along the rail depends on how the wheel runs along the rail. With the bi-CAT, the measuring line is fixed at a prescribed distance from the gauge face.

RM’s YRCA can be attached to a variety of vehicles or inspection trolleys to provide a means of measuring longitudinal irregularities at a relatively high speed: typically 15km/h.

RM’s own battery-operated track inspection trolley, the RM-T, is an ideal platform on which to mount the YRCA and other measuring equipment.