Equipment for purchase

Equipment available for purchase


The CAT can be transported to site and used by a single person. It is typically used to assess corrugation and acoustic roughness and for quality assurance of reprofiling.


The bi-CAT measures irregularities on two rails simultaneously with the same accuracy as a CAT, but can also be taken to site and used by one person. It is ideal for survey work.


RCAs have been developed to measure irregularities with an amplitude of microns from a variety of railway vehicles and at speeds of up to about 25km/h. Common uses are asset assessment and quality assurance following reprofiling.


A rail’s transverse profile is of critical importance to the performance of the wheel/rail interface. RailProfiler measures this transverse profile. Common uses are for survey purposes or on a reprofiling vehicle.


The TriTops has been developed to measure circumferential irregularities, such as out-of-round and acoustic roughness, on railway wheels.


The YRCA is compact, self-contained measuring equipment that is suitable for mounting on a trolley or vehicle. It is typically used at speeds of about 15km/h.


The RM-T is available for purchase. It is a battery operated trolley that can be dismantled and assembled on site by a couple of staff and used as a platform to inspect the track and on which to mount a variety of measuring equipment.


Measuring equipment can be mounted on the RM-U and driven to site. This provides the flexibility of measuring almost anywhere.

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