RCA — Rail Corrugation Analyser

What is RCA?

RailMeasurement’s RCA measures irregularities, in particular rail corrugation, from a vehicle. The RCA was initially designed for use on grinding trains at typical speeds of 3-15km/h.  More recently versions of the RCA have been made to work over the speed range of 0.5km/h (on a milling train) to 50km/h (on a hi-rail vehicle, where the equipment is used to help programme rail grinding).  Kilometres of measurements made using an RCA on a high-speed line have been used for wheel/rail noise prediction by acousticians working for HS2 in the UK. Transport for London purchased an RCA that will be used on their Infrastructure Monitoring Vehicle on Crossrail to show whether the very tight tolerance on vertical irregularities is being maintained.  This tight tolerance is critical to ensuring that there are low levels of ground-borne vibration in properties above the railway. The RCA is an extremely versatile and accurate item of measuring equipment.

RM’s standard RCA, which can be attached to a variety of vehicles. It has the attraction of being gauge-adjustable.

An RCA that is mounted on a hi-rail vehicle used for surveys to programme grinding. This typically runs at about 50km/h. It has recently replaced a similar system supplied by RML that was also used on a hi-rail vehicle, which surveyed about 30,000km of track per annum and ran for more than a decade with minimal maintenance.

A fixed gauge RCA that is mounted on a main-line rail grinder.